Get to know The HawtThorns

If you have been following us since we got together as a musical group in 2019, you probably know that we love all things California - it's pretty much in our blood.  We are KP Hawthorn (formerly known as Kirsten Proffit)

and Johnny Hawthorn.

After (KP) doing 6 years in CALICO the Band and(Johnny) playing with bands like Toad The Wet Sprocket,

Everclear and lots of other local Los Angeles bands of the 2000's, we found the perfect time to come together and make super fun, thoughtful, songwriter- guitar driven music - and we are loving it.


We started touring together in 2019 after finishing our album Morning Sun  and releasing it on Forty Below Records  . After touring for 6 months from the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast, throughout the Midwest and in and around our second home in Nashville, TN, we had to stop in early 2020 with the rest of the world. It was a tough pill to swallow and we empathize with all our fellow troubadours who's lives have been upended by the pandemic. can't keep passionate people down for long.  

We decided to make some homegrown videos with our handy iPhones and since we have been spending so much time in beautiful Tennessee, we recorded a cover of Aaron Lee Tasjan's "Memphis Rain" that was released in May 2020.  

There is also a brand new record in the works.  We have recorded 10 fresh tracks plus 1 special pre release single - all to be released in 2021.  

We have also been involved in a VERY cool project based in LA - a documentary film about a venue called The Palomino Club that existed from 1949 to 1995. KP is part of Mule Kick Productions , the production company that is making the film. In addition to this California Country adventure, Mule Kick has also started up a record label that has scheduled releases from artists including Rosie Flores Side Pony, Desert Hollow, NOCONA and the new record and singles from The HawtThorns in 2021!

Seriously, spending so much time over the last year in Nashville - this place has really gotten into our souls. It's starting to feel like home. As much as we miss our Golden State lovelies, the surf and sand and gritty city of Venice, CA, we are digging the swampy slow pace and the rich music scene that even during a lock down, you can't really ever hide from.  Venues like Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge ,  American Legion Post 82  and The Basement East are coming back strong here on the East side of town.  It's also pretty crazy to learn that within one mile in any direction of our little home are so many of Nashville's great musicians and Americana artists.  We run into lots of interesting folks on our morning walks through the hood. 

We are looking forward to seeing what the artists we love do in the coming months, it's exciting to see the new music coming out and the tour schedules start to be booked.  We plan on joining in soon and hope to meet new friends, and hopefully fans, very soon.  

Stay tuned to our site for updates, we will be sharing info about our coming releases as well as great tunes coming from our musical friends.  

Feeling good about sharing some music biz, personal and ridiculous info with you here - please keep in touch and find us on socials, we love to hear from you