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                     new single

"Time To Move On" June 11th


   full-length record to follow

                   Summer 2021

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label - Forty Below Records

The HawtThorns Seek Emotional Rejuvenation Through “Memphis Rain” Cover - American Songwriter

#25 Best Album of 2019 in ALBUMISM - The HawtThorns excel at expertly weaving pop into Americana, which is what makes Morning Sun a special album.”

PRESS - Morning Sun

#25 Best Album of 2019 in ALBUMISM - The HawtThorns excel at expertly weaving pop into Americana, which is what makes Morning Sun a special album.”


"Already a leading light in L.A.’s independent country scene, the HawtThorns swing for the heartland country-rock fences with “Shaking,” whose brightly-strummed guitars and sunny harmonies channel the warmth of the band’s west coast home." - ROLLING STONE COUNTRY 



"The HawtThorns bring a truly diverse slate of musical experiences to the table" - THE BOOT   (Song Premiere "Broken Wings")

"The HawtThorns successfully shine-up classic country music with sumptuous harmonies and innovative instrumentation." - POPMATTERS


"The HawtThorns’ Morning Sun is a shining bright spot this season" - single debut in AMERICANA HIGHWAYS

"Masterful Powerpop and Country cred - the album features carefully crafted pop that isn’t afraid to be adventurous but is always going to linger in your head" - GLIDE MAGAZINE - album premiere

"The HawtThorns Triumph on Radiant, Distinctive Debut Album ‘Morning Sun" - ALBUMISM - 5 stars

"The HawtThorns captured the hooky California country rock that’s resulted on their debut, “Morning Sun” - THE BOSTON GLOBE


"The HawtThorns celebrate the road less traveled on Rebel Road" - Single Premier in WIDE OPEN COUNTRY

" The HawtThorns have arrived and plenty will sit up and take notice" THREE CHORDS AND THE TRUTH

"Luscious jangle and clang and catchy tunesmithing - NEW YORK MUSIC DAILY

"The album’s West-coast Americana sound evokes the California coastline, with emotive song writing, lush harmonies and great guitar, strings and organ, all in the mix."  - Iain Anderson show, BBC Radio Scotland


“Everything comes together on this terrific debut from husband-and-wife duo KP and Johnny Hawthorn, which boasts ringing guitars, fresh-sounding lyrics, consistently strong melodies with powerful hooks, and great harmonies. - Jeff Burger - AMERICANA HIGHWAYS

"This fabulous debut album is set to find an audience that appreciates quality music" - THE ROCKING MAGPIE

"This is highly melodic, bouncy music perfect for that car ride or blaring outdoor speakers while you bask in great outdoor weather." -  Jim Hynes,  GLIDE MAGAZINE

“Morning Sun” radiates with a gentle glow and feel-good vibe that serve as a refreshing anecdote for these troublesome times." - Lee Zimmerman - THE DAILY TIMES

" A heaping handful of Southern California charm" -THE ALTERNATE ROOT MAGAZINE

" The HawtThorns somehow blend the best of the Laurel Canyon California sound, modern Americana and melodic rock without missing a beat across 11 winning tracks" - ROCK AND ROLL TRUTH

" Laden with hooks and harmonies, 'Morning Sun' is the guitar-driven, sunshine-filled debut record from husband and wife duo The HawtThorns. - FOLK AND TUMBLE


5 Stars in RnR Magazine

4 Stars in Maverick Magazine

The Alternate Root Magazine top 10

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Making A Scene


Unionville Times

Baltimore Media Blog

California Rocker

Folk Radio UK




BIO  - By Andrew Leahey

An Americana band whose sun-kissed songwriting, fiery electric guitar, and lush vocal harmonies evoke the California coastline as much as the Bible Belt countryside, the HawtThorns are rooted in the collaborative chemistry of husband-and-wife duo KP and Johnny Hawthorn.


Before forming their band in Los Angeles, the Hawthorns both enjoyed acclaimed careers of their own, leaving their marks upon the intersecting worlds of rock, country, and pop music. California native KP (formerly Kirsten Proffit) launched her solo career with 2006's Lucky Girl, a singer/songwriter record whose tracks found their way onto TV shows like Friday Night Lights and Dawson's Creek. By 2012, she was also touring the country with Jaime Wyatt and Manda Mosher as a member of CALICO, a trio of songwriters whose warm, nostalgic sound nodded to Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris, and other icons of California's country-rock golden days. The group hit the ground running, playing 200 shows during their first year together. CALICO was a true collaboration, too — a group whose members shared songwriting and singing duties — but after two albums together (both of which were co-produced by Kirsten), the band called it quits. Life and the grind of the road had taken its toll. Besides, KP had become excited about collaborating with another musician: guitar slinger Johnny Hawthorn.


As a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, lead guitarist, and record producer, Johnny had already performed with bands like Toad the Wet Sprocket and Everclear by the time he crossed paths with KP at the Cinema Bar in Culver City, CA. He'd also released three albums as a solo artist, with Guitar Player Magazine likening his phrasing to Jimi Hendrix and his vocal melodies to the Eagles. The connection between KP and Johnny was immediate, and the two spent their first date playing songs together. Before long, they were writing songs of their own — melodic music that made room for KP's voice, Johnny's guitar, and plenty of collaboratively-written hooks. The two became newlyweds, too, their sound mirroring the mutual respect and reverence found in their marriage.


2019's Morning Sun is the HawtThorns' official debut, a collection of warm, West Coast-influenced songs that balance the most engaging parts of the bandmates' different backgrounds. It's an amped-up Americana album for guitar enthusiasts and singer/songwriter fans alike. Laced with touches of lap steel guitar, strings, organ, and thickly-stacked coed harmonies, Morning Sun also introduces the HawtThorns' full lineup — a roster that includes drummer Matt Lucich and bassist Eliot Lorango — while making room for additional contributions from Sasha Smith,  Kaitlin Wolfberg, and Arthur Barrow. From the heartland rock & roll of "All I Know" to the soulful empowerment anthem "Rebel Road" to the lushly-harmonized highway ballad "The 405," Morning Sun shows the full range of the HawtThorns' interests and abilities, with production from Eric Corne (founder of the band's label, Forty Below Records), Steve Berns, and KP Hawthorn. The album also includes a John Moreland cover, a revamped version of Johnny Hawthorn's "Give Me a Sign," four songs co-written with Berns, and the chiming, high-spirited lead single "Shaking."


In a genre that often trends toward moody sounds, Morning Sun is every bit as bright as its name indicates — an Americana album inspired by the sun-streaked California landscape in which it was written and recorded. It's a record about intersecting lives and finding that balance, with songs that rely equally on Johnny's guitar lines (which he approaches with the nuance of a songwriter) and KP's melodic sensibilities. KP and Johnny aren't newcomers — they've both weathered the ups and downs of the music industry for years, struggling to overcome musical (and personal) breakups along the way — but they've tapped into a new beginning with Morning Sun. Here's to fresh starts. 



Electric Guitars  and vox - Johnny Hawthorn

Acoustic Guitars and lead vox - KP Hawthorn

Drums - Matt Lucich

Bass - Eliot Lorango

Keys - Sasha Smith

Strings - Kaitlin Wolfberg

Additional Keys - Arthur Barrow

Tracks 1,2,3,7,8 produced by Eric Corne

Tracks 4,5,6,9,10  produced by Steve Berns and KP Hawthorn

Tracks 1,2,3, 8 & 10 mixed by Eric Corne

Track 7 mixed by Jim Scott

Tracks 4,5, 6 & 9 mixed by Steve Berns

Mastered by Hans Dekline Mastering

all photos by Adrienne Isom

artwork by Angelica Clemmer

radio- WNS Group
Brad Hunt
press - Devious Planet Media
Pati DeVries 
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label - Forty Below Records
Eric Corne
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