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Zero Gravity represents a culmination of the band’s artistic evolution, showcasing their growth as musicians and storytellers. -INK 19 Mag

the new album’s title track, a sumptuous take on romantic longing, is one of the best since Lucinda Williams’ “Essence.” But instead of waiting on someone’s back steps, it’s an interstellar journey. 

-  No Depression   

Official video - "All the Right reasons"

Live in studio - full band - "Let's Get Together"

Live acoustic "Trouble" w/ stager microphones

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The HawtThorns materialized in 2019 in Los Angeles and have released 2 full length studio recordings (40 Below Records & Mule Kick Records) 

After the release the sophomore record Tarot Cards & Shooting Stars in 2022, we cosmically beamed into the Nashville orbit of musicians where we were invited to make a record with members of the Wood Brothers at the Wood's studio. We found ourselves surrounded by stars in an artistic universe that includes producer Ted Pecchio, 

photographer Alysse Gafkjen, videographer Anana Kay, stylist Cybelle Elena and an asterism of talented musicians who left us floating in ZERO GRAVITY. 

Envision and believe in your own universe, and it will eventually form around you. The HawtThorns are reimagining their universe in their latest recording adventures. The sun-kissed songwriting, deft guitar work, and lush vocal harmonies that have been at the core of their sound are exponentially magnified through the lens of their upcoming record, ZERO GRAVITY. This 3rd album from the Nashville-based duo includes 11 songs recorded at The Studio Nashville owned by The Wood Brothers and was performed by some of Nashville’s most accomplished musicians.

Zero Gravity is a sonic trip into deeply felt personal experiences, abstract storytelling, and adventurous, genre-bending productions. 

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Brad Hunt - - Radio Promotion
Roggie Baer - Rajiworld 

Pati deVries - - Devious Planet Media
Steven Goff - - Red Parlor Records

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Michael Nieves - - Sugaroo Sync Licensing


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