The HawtThorns Tarot Cards & Shooting Stars
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"Already a leading light in L.A.’s independent country scene, the HawtThorns swing for the heartland country-rock fences with “Shaking,” whose brightly-strummed guitars and sunny harmonies channel the warmth of the band’s west coast home."- Rolling Stone Country

"THE HAWTTHORNS/Tarot Cards & Shooting Stars: We already had Bakersfield. We already had Nashville. This crew finds the sweet spot to realize Gram Parsons' vision for cosmic American music with their dead, solid perfect send up of country rock. Enjoyable, entertaining stuff that's right on the money throughout, I'll bet they feel it as hard as they play it. Modern country rock at it's best." - Midwest Record

"The HawtThorns’ Morning Sun is a shining bright spot this season" - single debut in Americana Highways 

"Masterful Powerpop and Country cred - the album features carefully crafted pop that isn’t afraid to be adventurous but is always going to linger in your head" - Glide Magazine - album premiere

"The HawtThorns successfully shine-up classic country music with sumptuous harmonies and innovative instrumentation on Morning Sun" - Popmatters

"The HawtThorns celebrate the road less traveled on Rebel Road" - Single Premier in Wide Open Country

"This fabulous debut album is set to find an audience that appreciates quality music" - The Rocking Magpie

"The album’s West-coast Americana sound evokes the California coastline, with emotive song writing, lush harmonies and great guitar, strings and organ, all in the mix."  - Iain Anderson Show BBC Scottland

"The HawtThorns bring a truly diverse slate of musical experiences to the table" - The Boot 

 “Morning Sun” radiates with a gentle glow and feel-good vibe that serve as a refreshing anecdote for these troublesome times."  - Lee Zimmerman - The Daily Times

“The HawtThorns, Morning Sun. Everything comes together on this terrific debut from husband-and-wife duo KP and Johnny Hawthorn, which boasts ringing guitars, fresh-sounding lyrics, consistently strong melodies with powerful hooks, and great harmonies. - Jeff Burger AmericanaHighways

"A heaping handful of Southern California charm - The Alternate Root Magazine

"The HawtThorns make songwriting look easy" - Gary Shwind, Americana Highways

" The HawtThorns have arrived and plenty will sit up and take notice" Three Chords and the Truth

"Proper songs, proper performances, great songwriting too.."-Ralph McLean BBC Radio Ulster